Thursday, April 5, 2018


Was invited to attend the launch party for Rouge G de Guerlain last week and I feel so privileged to be able to be able to view the new legendary luxury jewel lipstick! This is not just an ordinary lipstick but it is a total GAMECHANGER. It comes with a super gorgeous metal casing which comes in various designs, and the best part is that you're able to open the casing and then a double mirror shows up! It immediately feels like a mini makeup counter. To make it even more extraordinary, you can engrave your name on the mirror to create your very very own Rouge G lipstick, specially designed like a precious jewel, which remains as one of the most luxurious ever created till date.

Theres a total of 15 ultra-stylish designs for the casing, and 30 highly desirable shades which are all so super pretty! Apart from that, I am able to try out and own in total of 6 Rouge G de Guerlain lipsticks in 6 different casing and 6 different shades!

I must say that the engraving is too pretty! It's in cursive writing I'm so in love!

The casing in black is called Perfect black, while the one in red is the Wild Jungle. They look so exquisite and classy! Both casings are made from leather, how cool is it that when you tell someone that your lipstick has a leather casing lol!

These two other casings are more to the elegant kind of design, the one with polka dots is called French Mademoiselle (totally lived up to its name cus it's so elegant looking), while the metallic pinkish one is called the K-Doll. I really love these both designs cus they look so chic and casual.

Last but not least, these two are more to a simple yet edgy design, the silver plain one called The Original, whereas the one in black marble print is called the Neo-Gothic. I believe everyone loves the ever popular marble design right? So do I. I really like how the marble design looks like real marble although it was printed on.

Lets talk about the shades! As soon as I glide on the lipstick, I can really tell that it's super moisturising. All the shades are highly pigmented and incredibly luminous, it nourishes, smoothens and plumps up the lips and it contains ingredients such as hyaluronic spheres, mango butter and jojoba oil. This explains why it really has such a nourishing texture and does not dry out at all. The mega plus point is that the shades are pretty as hell!

Let's start with the 3 pinkish shades that I've swatch on my hand, from left it's the shade No. 73, a very vibrant pink that gives a very korean vibe. I must say that this shade is suitable for very fair girls. The one in the middle is No. 70, which is a pink with some coral hues. I love this colour cus it looks very natural for a daily casual look. The one on the right is number 71, which is a very intense pink, which looks very chic as well! It's my favourite colour among the pink range, as I think it suits my skin tone and gives my makeup a vibrant finish.

Here's the reddish shades which I must say, they're truly gorgeous. Starting from the left, it's No. 23 Dark Cherry, a dark and glossy red, which instantly gives you the edgy look. The shade is super pretty and it's not as dark when it's applied on the lips. The middle one is No. 22 Bright Red, which is my favourite, cus it's a very very proper bright red tone and it's super pretty to be worn to special occasions! The last one would be No. 65 Pearly Rosewood, which is more to a dark pinkish red which is very attractive as well. I'm so torn between choosing which is my ultimate favourite since all of them look equally superb!

I believe it's an awesome idea to make a lipstick more than what it really is - a beauty tool, a cosmetic, a mirror, and a fashion statement. It is available on 2 April onwards, you can discover all of the visuals at the Guerlain Library.


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