Monday, January 22, 2018

Vinata Masks Review!

I've been so into skin care products lately! As I grow older, I've finally come to the realisation that one shouldn't take their skin for granted, and skin conditions might just worsen suddenly. Hence, preventive is better than curing it, I've started to take skin care really seriously!

First key step to a good skin condition is to STAY HYDRATED. Skin hydration is really super important to keep our skin supple and healthy. I'm a really lazy person and putting on sheet mask and waiting for the time to pass is like an extra effort for me, hence I use sleeping masks much more often than sheet masks, till one day that i found out that my skin is actually drying out and sleeping mask is not enough for keeping my skin hydrated or moisturised. Since then, I've started using sheet masks quite often but not all products work for me. I have quite sensitive skin and hence some sheet masks will give me breakouts and till I tried out VINATA's masks, everything is perfect with this mask!

Before I start on how VINATA works on my skin, here's a little bit more to know about this mask: VINATA Sake Yeast masks are produced from the Taiwan's national brewery and their yeast only extracts from Taiwan Yuquan sake. This product contains of activated yeast that softens horn and increase the skin's water absorption capacity! Sounds amazing right. Besides that, the mask also contains high volume of minerals, vitamins, activated yeasts, peptides, amino acids, organic acids and various micro elements that help with the skin health.

There's two types of VINATA Sake masks: one for moisturising (pink packaging) and one for whitening (blue backaging). I personally really love the pink one as my skin becomes super smooth and supple overtime after applying it!

The mask is very wet since it's full of the good nutrients (I hate masks that are dry and dries off super fast), and the cotton mask is super soft to be applied on my face! Also, it fits perfectly to my skin and it really feels good while applying it and I don't see it as a hassle at all!

Keep the mask on for around 15 minutes and here you go - glowing and supple skin! During days that I feel that my skin is looking a lil dull, I'll go for the blue packaging one since both work equally well on my skin :)

My skin is more to combination skin, hence it is very hard for me to get a balanced skin condition: it's either oily on the T zone or very dry on the cheeks. After using Vinata masks, I can notice a difference where my skin is less oily on the T zone and more hydrated on the cheek parts. Besides that, my skin also became smoother and brighter than before! I'm truly satisfied with this product and will keep repurchasing it. :)

If you ever visit Taiwan, you can visit Taiwan national brewery, VINATA masks is a must buy souvenir!