Thursday, November 5, 2015

Why NOT Communicate?

I have been seeing relationship ups and downs being experienced by people around me, it's inevitable because human being have feelings and we do get emotional sometimes, we are also extra vulnerable especially towards the one that we love. For us girls, we are even more prone to feeling emotional because we are generally more sensitive than guys, although I've seen some guys who are far more emotional than girls. I would like to talk about my own perspectives towards the common relationship problems faced by couples, because in some cases, I believe if there's more sense of understanding and tolerating by the parties, things might turn out to be different.

I mean I know that I'm not perfect and I'm not an expert in this whole love thing, I have made mistakes in the past and I still make mistakes now. Anyway, I believe that every couple have their own challenges to face and when they get to go through all these obstacles, that's what strengthens the bond between each other and makes the relationship so worth it.

Not trying to be cliche, but I strongly believe that trust and communication are the most important elements in every relationship, and they both must exist as they are so closely correlated to each other.

(Disclaimer: this following post contains rage and harsh statements but do not take me personally. I'm just trying to be absolutely honest here.)

Why communicate?

Communicating means having deep conversations with your significant half and let them know about your thoughts on everything, in a GOOD manner. It could be on something which bothers you or the both of you, or something which you feel dissatisfied with your partner, or something which you feel unhappy about. Why do I emphasise on GOOD manner? It's because some couples tend to misunderstand communication as the rise of an argument, as they thought communicating will lead to things getting heated up and this is what makes them refuse to voice out their thoughts in order to avoid argument. Communicating is positive, and it's absolutely healthy. Without communication between each other, small issues get accumulated and when one have reached the threshold of their breaking point, serious argument arises and things will not be able to be fixed anymore. Remember, always always come to a conclusion after any discussions between the both and do not leave the matter hanging.

We are always so desperate to be understood by others, that we tend to forget to be understanding. 

Besides letting out your own thoughts, never forget to think about how your significant half feel as well. Always try to put yourself into other's shoe and think from the other's point of view. I totally despise basic girls who think that the whole world revolves around them and the only thing they do best is finding fault in their another half, while not putting any single effort to try being understanding. I honestly do not think girls should be treated as princesses and boys should be treated as servants only to obey their girlfriends, as both parties should be treated fairly and equally, none of the parties should be exploiting the other party. If you expect to receive more, then you gotta start giving more.

No one has the obligation to keep you happy all the time.

I know a lot of girls are unhappy of things about their boyfriend, for example not spending enough time with them, not being attentive enough, not being caring enough, not loving them enough and bla bla bla. Trust me, as a normal girl, I do as well. Well, instead of being all princessy by start being angry and throw tantrums at your significant half, why not try to talk about it nicely first? We should always bare in mind that no one has the obligation to make you happy all the time by comforting you endlessly. People do change and people will eventually get tired and bored of things that consistently make them unhappy. No matter how strong the love feeling was since the beginning, no one would want to hold on to something which makes them feel miserable. There's always someone better out there and they can just turn away from you. So why not try to be a little bit more understanding and start making the minor changes in yourself before expecting the other party to change first?

As long as the two parties are still willing to communicate to each other about how they feel from time to time and not hide anything since the beginning, things are very highly possibly be able to work out. So never ever lost faith as long as you still have each other!

Just to loosen up things a lil, why not try something fun here - check out the compatibility of you and your partner's star sign! I always like to know more about someone's personality by studying on their star sign as I find it pretty accurate, but not encouraging you guys to be superstitious of course :P
Through this, you might be able to have a better insight on roughly how you and your partner's personality correspond with one another so that things could be working out even better for the both of you!

Hope you enjoy reading my very first post about my own views on relationships! :)

Good luck xx


  1. Thats a really rare insight and perspective you have, not many think this way, communication is the basis to every relationship, to think like what u wrote is to be selfless. Whoever it is would be so lucky to have you. Hope it all goes well, just a temp speed bump I'm sure. ;)

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