Thursday, March 3, 2016

All about that HAIR

Hi guys!

I have been constantly commented on my hair, like people will always tell me that my hair is super long and thick and they would wish to have my hair. I'm really flattered by all the compliments I've been getting about my hair, and I strongly believe that hair plays a very significant part on our look!

I guess it's been few years since I really CUT my hair cus I am very very very particular of my hair length, as it must be covering my whole chest and I will never allow the hairdresser to cut it more than an inch or two or else I'll end up crying. Anyway, people have been asking me how do I manage it and keep it this long and nice, but I'm gonna tell you that, my hair is not healthy at all and it's actually very damaged. This is because I have to curl my hair everyday for the wavy look, or else it will be really frizzy. Hence, my hair is inevitably damaged by the heat that I put on it everyday.

So, today I'm not gonna tell you how to keep your hair long, silky, and healthy, but I'm gonna share to you my tips on how to make it LOOK long and silky and wavy instead. :p

These are the things that I use for styling my hair, and the things you need to create this wavy hair look:

1. A dry shampoo. Any dry shampoo will do and you do not necessarily have to get the same as mine as I don't think this brand is available in Malaysia. You can just get it in any random brand from Sephora which works well to keep your scalp dry.
2. A tin of wax. The one I'm using is Gatsby Moving Rubber Wild Shake as it gives a good hold to my hair and it's not too sticky after applying.
3. Hair oil. The brand I'm using is Mise En Scene and I got this from It is very important for my dry and frizzy hair!
4. A curler. I've been using this Philips hair curler since 5 years ago and I have not used any other curlers as it's really easy to use and I love its diameter. You can get it from any shops like SenQ and Harvey Norman.

Here's my steps in creating my wavy hair look:

1. Firstly, for people with really oily scalp, you can spray some dry shampoo over your scalp to keep it dry and clean; for people who have thin hair, you can also spray some on your scalp for a more volumizing look. You can skip this step if your hair volume is okay and not too greasy.

2. Secondly, comb and untangle your hair, then part your hair into two big halves.

3. Apply the hair oil on your hair (do not apply on the roots!), for me, I will apply 2 pumps which is around a 20 cents coin size on each half of my hair.

Again, I strongly recommend this brand as it's really good to use and most importantly, it's very affordable (only RM38 from!! Previously I have been using another brand from Sephora which is called Kendi Bamboo Oil, although it's also very moisturising, its price is double of this Mise En Scene hair oil.

4. Then for each half of hair, I would part them into 3 parts respectively, which means a total of 6 parts. This is because I have super thick hair, so you can just part your hair according to your hair volume.

5. Then you can start curling each part of your hair!

6. After finish curling, I'll apply a dash of wax only on my fringe to make sure it stays in place and to create that airy fringe look. Do not apply too much as it would make your hair become hard and sticky!

And TAADAA. Here you go with your wavy hair look!

I'll be blogging more on the suggestions I've been getting from Instagram, and hope you'll find these tips useful! x


  1. Thanks! �� Your tips are really helpful!! Please do blog more often����

    1. Will do and thanks for reading! <3

    2. What motivate you to curl it everyday? Sometime will wake up lately or lazy?

  2. when you said apply the hair oil on the hair and not roots. not on the scalp too right?

    1. Yea of course not the scalp, just have to apply towards hair ends will do :)

  3. As you stated you used wax to make your fringe stays in place, how do you apply it? Like do you use clips to make it stay in place after you applied the wax?

  4. May I know whats the diameter of your hair curler? :)

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  15. Hi, may i ask what brand of shampoo are you using?