Saturday, September 19, 2015

Studying Law in the UK?

It took me more than a year to revive my blog! I thought I would be blogging a lot when I was in the UK for the whole of last year, but too bad, the constant cold weather here made me even more lazier than usual, not an excuse at all I know :p

When I first came to the UK, I actually wanted to share so much about my life here and so I thought, yay I can actually have so many things to blog about! But still, I blame the weather for not being able to do so. :p Anyway, here I am for another year living in the UK! It is really unexpected, as I initially planned to only study a year here for my final year of law degree and then that's it, goodbye UK. But fortunately enough, I get to study here for another year of Masters in Law, so I thought I really really need to start blogging about it!

Okay. Here's why I wanted to write this topic. It was after me posting my convocation pictures on social medias that I've since been receiving emails and private messages from people asking me questions regarding my law degree. Seems like there are so many people interested in studying law out there like wowwwww.

(so flattered that you guys decided to ask ME ;) )

So, here are some of the commonly asked question. Hope this helps!

Q: What's your pathway for studying Law?

Oh well, after my SPM, I went to TARC for A level. At the time, I really had no idea what to study yet. Also, A levels is like the safest choice ever as most of the degree courses accept it as an entry requirement (also depending on your result of course). After A levels, I went for HELP's UK Degree Transfer Programme and that's what got me to the UK! You can opt for 1+2 or 2+1, which means transferring to UK during your second year or your final year. For me, I chose to come to here during my final year haha as I'm not rich enough to study in the UK for so many years.

Q: What kind of results do I need to get to study law?

Okay just sharing a bit of my personal story here, I used to be a bright student baaaaaaaack in primary and secondary school as I had gotten straight A's for both UPSR and PMR exam. But my results deteriorated during my SPM and I didn't manage to score straight A's for it. My ambition since young was to become a lawyer and I guess I have really come a long way to this, and fret not, all these results mean ABSOLUTELY NOTHING as long as you are able to get into your pre-university course such as STPM, A-level or any foundation which is eligible for entering into a law degree programme.

Q: Do I need to score well for any particular subjects in order to study Law?

The answer is NO. In my case, I studied pure science subjects and Mathematics for my A levels, and it was totally irrelevant to the Law degree course. Whereas, for my high school, I was a pure science student as well and I never got exposed to any art stream related subjects (Law is considered as an Art stream subject). However, it doesn't mean that you can fail your language papers as I think mastering languages has an essential part in pursuing law. It enables you to understand everything better if you have a strong language foundation. I loved my language subjects the most during my school days and I think that's why it drew a strong interest towards the law subject.

Q: Does studying Law require a lot of memorising? Is it tough?

Yes, you do need to memorise hundreds of cases involving human names which makes no sense at all, and also the definition of law terms, general rule of the law and exception to the general rule and also the exception of the exception to the general rule and so on so forth. If you REALLY REALLY REALLY hate memorising stuff, I would advise you to think again before getting involved in this. For me, I have mastered this memorising technique which makes memorising stuff and storing them in my head not too hard a task throughout the years, so it was relatively okay for me to study for my subjects. As long as you're willing to focus and understand laws, I don't see a big problem passing your exams!

Q: Which university to choose? How is HELP's Law Degree like?

Some people have been asking me whether HELP is good or not. I would say that I had a very enjoyable 2 years in HELP before coming to the UK for my final year! The main reason why I've chosen HELP is because it has a fairly good location and I've heard quite a lot of good reviews regarding this university before studying there. From my experience, HELP really has a lot of respectable law lecturers who are very willing to help the students. Also, the thing about HELP is, they have this CRAZY examination system where you will undertake back-to-back law papers, 5 days in a row! How does that sound? Memorising shit loads of law stuff for each different subject and not getting any off days in between! But that had made us so stress-resistant that once we got to the UK, I would say that I preferred this crazy exam schedule as I would only need to suffer once and be done with it one shot instead of having to suffer chill suffer chill suffer chill okay I gotta stop I sound like a HELP ambassador now lol. 

Q: How's study life in the UK?

Being in the UK is like one of the best times I have ever had in my life. If too just solely talk about the studying life, I guess it's pretty much the same anywhere. Just to my surprise, it's much more relaxed compared to back in Malaysia! Besides that, life in the UK has been so different, so eye-opening and absolutely amazing due to my bunch of very best girlfriends and important people around me! We have done so many crazy things together that would have never ever been done back in Malaysia, such as having drinking parties almost every week as alcohol is so cheap here. Getting wasted and doing funny things, having sleepovers, travelling around Europe blah blah blah. We have experienced so much freedom here and it's not something that a person would ever regret experiencing! 

Anyway, before choosing your pathway in studying anything, make sure to do your own research and do not hesitate to contact the university itself for more up-to-date information. DO NOT choose rashly just because of trends or whatnot. Know what you want. It's YOUR future!



  1. Come to Australia. It is like the UK except laidback.

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  5. Can imagine your excitement in UK as I'm currently studying in here too😁

  6. is it necessary to pass CLP in order to be a qualified lawyer in Malaysia and how hard is it? have you taken the exam? are there any exception to CLP? thanks

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