Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Weekend Getaways in UK: Cornwall and Brighton

It's officially summer! After having two continuous dreadful and torturous exam weeks, I have went on a weekend getaway spree for 2 weekends straight to Cornwall and Brighton which I have been wanting to go since a long long time ago.

First destination: Cornwall

It was my very first road trip with my boyfriend and his classmates (I'm definitely the odd one out but yeah), and it was a lovely trip with them lovely people. We rented a house via Airbnb and it's got to be one of the best Airbnb accommodation that I've lived in so far. I am so sorry that I don't have any pictures of it because I was too busy snapchatting the house where I have forgotten to take pictures of it.
Anyway, if you're going to Cornwall, I would highly recommend to get a car and drive around there as it is more convenient to drive to the tourist spots, where it took us approximately half an hour to an hour to drive to each spot.

Land's End

Since it's literally the "land's end" of the most western point of England, it's a really magnificent and stunning landmark to visit while being in this country. We were so lucky to be touring around Cornwall that day because of the perfect sunny weather, hence my mood was really good since I have managed to take a lot of pretty pictures!

St. Michael's Mount

It was a pretty interesting place to be as we get to "walk" on the sea! Actually, it was when the tides were low, people can walk from the beach to reach to the St. Michael's Mount through a causeway that is built on the sea. The view throughout the small walk was really beautiful as we get to take pictures being close to the sea. (Do not forget to bring your slippers for the walk as your feet might get wet due to the tides)

Upon reaching the mount, there's a pretty garden around the entrance to the castle. You will have to climb all the way up to visit the castle, and of course, I didn't bother to go up because the weather was too hot and I was too lazy. :)

 St. Ives Bay

We've reached St. Ives at the most perfect timing - when the sun sets! It was a perfect spot to catch the sunset view, and I guess it was the first time that I get to watch the sunset on such a beautiful and romantic beach.

Minack Theatre

It was our last stop in Cornwall and it's a place where people actually watch shows by the cliff? Pretty interesting to not visit right? Anyway, I didn't get to take much pictures there because the wind was too strong and chilly, but the view was really magnificent and pretty scary to actually look down the cliff lolll

Second destination: Brighton

It was another road trip with my boyfriend, and my two best friends Sofea and Jeanne, I was so happy to be travelling with my favourite people! We rented a car and drove to Brighton, and stayed there for a night. The Airbnb accommodations in Brighton runs out really fast since it is a really popular weekend getaway destination, so be sure to book your Airbnb accommodation at least 2 weeks in advance!

Our first stop was the Brighton Pier, which is where the famous rocky beach is! Since it was still spring at the time we went there, so it was still really breezy, cold and totally inappropriate for us to wear like that.....(t-shirt and shorts).

After taking pictures and chilling around the beach, we headed to Hove Beach for the cute colourful huts. The wind was crazy as well, gosh.

Hopped around the city area and we had a lovely seafood lunch in a restaurant called Riddle and Finns and we got to taste the yummiest Malaysian style crab ever! In Brighton, just eat seafood like there's no tomorrow because it's sooooo fresh.

Last stop: the Seven Sisters Cliff! We have came a long long long way to reach the cliff by walking for more than an hour because we've missed the main entrance to the cliff. Nevertheless, we've got to enjoy the nature throughout our path to the cliff and look at the sheep and the greens.

These two places were filled with sea breeze, beautiful views and happiness. It's amazing that almost everywhere in the UK is worth visiting because of its amazing landscapes, I have yet to visit to other amazing places in this country and I hope I will get to explore them real soon. Next stop...... Spain in two week's time!


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