Friday, September 18, 2015


I've posted a picture on instagram earlier saying that you guys can ask me questions that you guys wanna know about me! So here you are, FAQs about mememememe. 

What is your height?

I'm 167cm tall. 

Where are you from?

I'm from Ipoh, Malaysia! Although I was born in Selangor but I grew up in Ipoh, so yea. 

Do you used to have braces on?

Nope. I've never worn braces before and I'm so proud that they are so well-aligned and tidy naturally!

Do you take any collagen as daily supplement? 

I have never taken any collagen stuff and I barely take any supplements. I am not a fan of all these collagen or beauty related supplements but I loveeeee doing mask and I only use My Beauty Diary's masks!

How do you keep fit?

Pictures and them angles hahaha. I am not fit at all but I will be heading to the gym very soon! Will share my tips if it works :3

Would you consider changing to a new hairstyle?

So far no, I am reluctant to cut away my hair even if it's only 1inch of it. Anyway I have the thought of getting bangs after seeing Hani's perfect airy bangs but still lacking of courage to do so :(

How do you manage your hair?

Well, people always tell me I have REALLY long and thick hair and I really like my hair besides the fact that it's super dry and frizzy. I use Etude House's Hair Moisture Pack for my hair ends and I just blow dry it with a comb after washing it. I use Philip's curling iron and I guess all curling iron works the same but please get a curling iron which has a diameter of at least 32mm!
For styling my fringe, I usually put a bit of wax on to make it stay in place. To keep it airy, always wash your hair and make sure that your scalp is not oily. I guess it's my hair volume itself making it airy as I really didn't do anything additional to keep it that way.

What are your make up essentials?

On normal days, I use a sun screen from my personal beautician as my UV base, then I'll use YSL's Le Teint Encre De Peau foundation (B10) which is the best foundation ever! Beats Laneige's BB cushion or any other BB cushion cus it's coverage is so so so good! For days in Malaysia I usually use NARS light reflecting settling powder to mattify my face after applying foundation due to the hot weather which makes my skin more oily-proned. Then I'll use NARS Orgasm as my blusher.

For brows, I use Soap and Glory's Archery Brow Tint and Precision shaping pencil (brownie points) to draw the front part of my brows as it gives a natural shade. Then I'll use Shu Uemura's hard formula eyebrow pencil (H9) to fill the empty parts of my brows. Lastly, I colour my brows using Kate's Eyebrow Color (BR-1) to make my eye brows look brown and similar to my hair colour. 

For eyes, I will only apply a very light shade of eye shadow using Naked Palette 2's Chopper. Then, I'll draw a fine eyeliner with a slight wing using Dollywink's liquid eyeliner (not sure bout the model but its packaging is lilac in colour). Also, I apply Urban Decay's Eyeshadow Primer Potion before applying anything on my eyelids to make my makeup staaaaaay! On special occasions, I use Kiss Me's Heroine Make long and curl mascara to finish my eye make up.

I contour my nose using Naked Palette 2's Tease. Then I will highlight my nose and my upper cheeks using Benefit's Watt's Up

I have loadssssss of different lipstick and I'm currently in love with Topshop's Rio Rio cus it's orangey and easy to apply.

What skin care product do you use?

I only use skin care products from my personal beautician although it's a very low profile brand. Have been using it since I was 15 and I've never switched to any other products yet!

What are you doing in UK now after you've graduated?

I'm here for another year of Masters in Commercial Law! Can't get enough of studying yet hehe.

What is your plan for your future?

Although I'm not studying the BPTC or CLP for now, I plan to get myself to study for any of the professional legal board when I have started working. Also, I would continue my blogshop business and hopefully this brings me somewhere as a successful entrepreneur. Also, I hope to use my social media influencing power to blog more and share more stuff to people out there!

Why do you choose to study Law?

I love debating with facts, I love how things can be viewed in different perspectives and each side has their own reasoning. I think what attracts me the most is that it has a relatively good pay. :p

How do you cope with stress?

People around me always tell me that I'm a very chill and relaxed person. Before any exams I can still study very calmly memorising my stuff when everyone is so paranoid during the very last minute. Not really sure why am I so naturally calm and i guess maybe its because of my star sign Libra who is always in peace and keeping the balance? hahahaha. Actually I do feel stressed out at some point of time, but when I'm really stressed I usually have a way of getting away from it by listening to my favourite indie music and distract myself from things which stress me out. Most importantly, avoid yourself from being stressed out such as getting your work done earlier and plan everything ahead so that you won't need to be dealing with stressful situations later on!

Love story of yours? 

When someone right comes along, you will know why it never worked out with anyone else. Currently very happily in love with my special one in the UK. So lucky to be here again to share all our moments together. :)

Hope this makes you know more about me! x


  1. Can I ask you what kind of soap are you applying with your face? Did you use facial wash and cream? How to gain such a wonderful and flawless skin like yours?

  2. Can i know ur cup size?

  3. What is your chinese name?

  4. Cup size come on girlll

  5. You have a nice body really! Could you tell us more about where you got your breast augmentation done pleaasse? It'd be very inspiring for an insecure(with my body) girl like me or would be helpful for women out there. Thank you!

    1. How do you know if she'd done breast augmentation? O.o