Saturday, November 7, 2015

Photoshoot with Aun

So this happened a week before I flew back to the UK, I had this opportunity to work with Aun and I was beyond delighted as I have seen a lot of his fabulous shoots!

I got to wake up at six that morning and we chose to shoot at the rooftop of Ipoh Parade, as it brings out that sporty, edgy feel. I wanted the shoot to be something casual and sporty, so we have discussed and chosen the attire to be shot few days before the shoot.

I have never worked with any photographers and it was my very first time, so I thought it would be rather awkward as I'm really really bad in posing. However, Aun was really friendly and he managed to help me loosen up a bit and taadaaaaa, I really love all of the pictures we took that morning!

Here are my favourites:


Hope you enjoyed the pictures and you can contact Aun at for enquiries. Can't wait for another shoot with him in the future!